Our Services

Our extensive line of services include hair design and treatments, color and texture, hand and foot care, skin care, formal hairstyling, corrective color, lash extensions, reflexology, reiki, professional hair removal and hair extensions.

Hair Design

The pricing at Belleza is based on the following: experience, continuing education, client retention and a positive attitude. All haircuts include a consultation, shampoo and blow-dry style.

Hair Design and Treatment prices

Extensive Styling

Please inform the receptionist if your hair requires extra attention due to length, thickness or a styling change. This may require an additional charge and more time with your stylist.

Formal Hairstyling

Formal Up-do Style.   $60+  This style is charged according to the length of time required and the complexity of the request. Expect 60-90 minutes.

Conditioning Treatments 

Customized Treatment   –   $35+ Provides extra moisture and protein based on your hair needs due to chemical service, use of hot tools and daily blow-drying.

Shine Treatment   –   $30+ Benefits include a glossy shine, as well as a smoother look.

De-Mineralized Treatment   –  $25+ Removes mineral deposits, chlorine and residue.

Pre-Color Treatment – $15+ Purifies the hair and prolongs color.

*All treatments are discounted when included with another hair service, with the exception of the Pre-Color Treatment.

Wash & Blow-dry  –  $15+ A 30-minute appointment to have hair washed and styled with a brush*.

*additional charge for use of hot tools.

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Hair Extensions

Aqua extensions are tape in extensions. They are 100% Remy human hair with the cuticle intact. They adhere to the hair with medical grade tape to insure maximum efficacy with minimal damage to the natural hair. We require a consultation with the stylist to determine your specific needs. Extensions priced upon consultation.

Things You Should Know

At the first visit, you will receive a boar bristle brush that you MUST use on your extensions. You will also be asked to use the Aqua shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times a week. We are unable to lighten the extensions. However, to add depth to your extensions we can deepen up to 2 levels using demi permanent hair color. The extensions will only work for 3 applications. After 3 applications you will need to buy new extensions. It is recommended to maintain the extensions every 6-8 weeks. This means a visit to the salon for a refitting or adjustment.

Proper care of your hair extensions is essential. By following some simple guidelines you will extend the life of your extensions. You must NOT treat your extensions as you would your natural hair. With all extensions, effort is required to maintain beautiful, healthy looking hair. How long your extensions last will be up to you.

Application Time & Cost Guidelines

The length and look you would like to achieve would determine the hair needed to be purchased. This will be determined during your consultation. Each “pack” contains 4 segments of hair.

*Please be advised this table is a guideline. During your consultation the stylist will confirm a more definitive cost and application time for your specific needs. Costs of hair packs include the boar bristle brush and the Aqua Shampoo and Conditioner.

Application Costs

Application Times/costs

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“I love Belleza! The service is fantastic. I always get my hair done by Beth and it’s a treat every time I go! She’s a sweetheart and makes me and my 3 sisters and mom feel right at home! Thank you!”  -Caroline

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A Consultation is required prior to booking appointment. Belleza’s stylists continually receive advanced education in hair color. Prices will vary based on stylist experience. Haircut cost is not included in the pricing of color, texture or straightening.

color-texture prices

Corrective Color

Something gone wrong with your color? We are here to help! In the event of a hair-color mishap, either at home or at another salon, we provide a corrective color service. Please note: it may take more than one visit to accomplish the desired result.

Belleza requires a consultation before making a reservation. Due to the fact we schedule several hours for the appointment, any cancellations must be 48 hours prior to the reservation.

Corrective color is an hourly based service and will be priced upon consultation. This is based on what your stylist sees necessary to correct your situation.

*Customers will be asked to sign a release with any Corrective Color procedure in order for Belleza to perform this service.



prices for our texture treatments


Brazilian Keratin Treatment:  All natural, safe for all hair types (including children) with results lasting up to 4 months. Transform frizzy, curly, wavy or coarse hair into beautiful smooth hair.

Consultation and Test Strand (required)   –   $25

Keratin System (3 hours)   –   $300+

Each additional hour   –   $75

Lash Extensions

A Consultation is required prior to booking appointment. Novalash continues to be the leader in the field of eyelash extensions and is committed to providing safe, beautiful, flawless eyelash extensions to enhance any woman’s natural beauty. Armed with considerable research and a commitment to product superiority, Novalash has developed award-winning adhesives and cosmetics including Platinum Bond Adhesive and Lashliner.

New Lash Set  –   $150-$200

Lash Refill  –   $65-$85

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Hand & Foot Care

All Manicure and pedicure services include nail shaping and cuticle care, along with polish, oil buff or French.


Spa Pedicure – $65 Relax as your feet soak in a warm whirlpool. Enjoy the sugar exfoliation, massage and reflexology as we relieve your stress.

Diabetic Pedicure   – $60  A gentle soak with light exfoliation and massage to stimulate circulation, this pedicure also includes information on proper home-care products. For clients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Sport Pedicure (For Him)   – $53  Men deserve healthy feet too! A time to kick back and relax while your nails are trimmed and your skin is smoothed. Let the massage and reflexology ease stress away. No polish required.

Express Pedicure   – $35 For those on the go, get your feet groomed and moisturized with a light cream massage.


Spa Manicure   –   $35  Nail shaping and cuticle care followed by soothing exfoliation. Massage, including reflexology to relieve stress and tired hands.

Express Manicure   –   $27  Enjoy a quick cleanup with nail shaping and a light cream massage.

Nail Clipping   –   $15  Need help reaching your toes? Let our nail technician assist you.

Heat Therapy   –   $17 Hands/$17 Feet  The ultimate treatment for dry or cracked skin. Take a dip into warm essential oil and paraffin for your hands and feet. Stimulates circulation, relieves joint pain and moisturizes.

Gel Color  –   $30  Nail shaping, hand massage.

Gel Color Removal –   $10

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“Last Friday I made my first visit to Belleza of Hanover to see Sarah. I walked in thinking I was going to get a much needed trim but walked out a new woman! Sarah gave me some much needed direction and gave me a great, shorter cut and even stayed late (on a Friday night!) to apply some beautiful highlights to help cover up those sneaky whites! I have received rave reviews on my new look. Sarah is a sweet young lady, very friendly and a pro at what she does. Cheers!”   -Kristen

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Skin Care

Custom Facials   – $95  The ultimate facial! Customized for your specific needs and desires. You will leave with cleaner, healthier and more radiant skin.

Express Facial   – $65  This “Facial on the Go” is a quick skin balancing treatment. It removes the daily grime that leaves the skin sensitive and dehydrated while combating hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles.

Cosmetic Lesson   – $45  Tired of old cosmetic habits? Come in for a lesson and learn how to maximize your features and use colors properly. Our cosmetic artists will teach you the do’s and don’ts of cosmetic application.

Cosmetic Application   – $35  For a special event have your cosmetics applied to perfection.

*A Note on Cosmetics…
Our cosmetic artists have all received professional training and feel very confident consulting with all age groups.

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Professional Hair Removal

Belleza is proud to use the Nufree hair removal system. Nufree is a soy based antimicrobial liquid hair removal system that is wax, sugar and irritation free. When used in combination with antimicrobial Finipal you can be free of unwanted hair for weeks. (Available for men, women and young adults)


Brows, Upper Lip, Chin  –  $15

Any Two Services  –  $22

Any Three Services  –  $32

Body (Available for men and women)

Bikini  –  $40+

Underarms  –  $25+

Arms  –  $25+

Full Leg  –  $65+

Half Leg  –  $40+

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Reflexology is a great alternative to massage. By working the hands or feet the practitioner can relieve stress and tension, improve circulation and balance the body.

Reflexology Introduction   – $65 You will have your hands and feet worked on to get a sense of what reflexology can do for your body as a whole.  A medical history is reviewed to provide you with a personalized treatment.

Reflexology   – $50 (per 45 min. session) Relieves daily stress, chronic aches and pains and provides preventive care. Focus on specific issues or get a relaxing full body treatment through your hands and feet.


Reiki is a light to no touch service that balances and energizes all systems-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can relieve pain, cleanse toxins, strengthen the immune system, increase healing and promote relaxation.          $35 – ½ hour