AQUA Tape-in Hair Extensions

About AQUA Hair Extensions

Aqua Hair Extensions has been in business since 2008 and is a privately owned professional hair extensions company.

The Unsurpassed Quality of Aqua Hair Extensions begins with the advanced two-step hair technology process.

STEP 1: Hair is treated for 12 hours in a nutrient rich solution which protects the hair’s cuticle during processing (lifting)
STEP 2: We use a 21-day lifting process, which is much slower and gentler than traditional methods, thereby preserving the integrity of the hair’s cuticle.

The biggest concern people have when they’re using Remy Tape-In Hair Extensions is the residue left from the tape or damage to the hair. With AQUA products, top-of-the-line medical grade tape is used to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimal damage to the natural hair.

The most important benefit for Tape-In Hair Extensions is the fact that they are reusable with the most natural look and permanent results. The thin tape used promises the best seamless Tape-In hair extension on the market today.

All of our AQUA products are paraben and protein free to ensure longevity and proper care of your product.

Maintaining and treating the human hair extensions is the biggest hurdle for most clients. Here at Belleza, we provide the best AQUA shampoo and conditioners for long-term care of our hair extensions.

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